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Transgender Care

Gender identity is the internal sense that each person has of being male, female, both, or neither. While this identity usually conforms to the sex that we are assigned at birth, that is not always the case. Some people whose gender identity does not match their physical body desire undergo medical or surgical treatments that can help alleviate their discomfort or dysphoria related to gender.

Our staff has received training to become aware of some of the obstacles that trans* patients face and we are committed to providing a safe space for all patients to access excellent care and service. Dr. Jean Amoura provides initiation and monitoring of masculinizing and feminizing hormonal treatment, as well as refers patients to trans* friendly providers for primary and specialty medical care. Patient referrals to institutions that offer gender affirming surgery and provides post-operative management can be given when needed.

Before your visit:
If you are seeing a mental health provider (therapist or psychiatrist), please consider asking this person to forward a letter about your gender history and their assessment of your readiness to start hormone treatment if that is your goal. This can give useful background and save time at your visit. For those patients under 19, it will be necessary to establish a relationship with a mental health provider before starting gender-related treatments. Referrals to mental health providers can be provided at your visit.

What to expect at your first visit:
Dr. Amoura will obtain a detailed medical history and will review your gender history and transition history. Physical exam is typically deferred until the second visit and pelvic exam is not required for trans men (though this service is available and may be recommended for your general health care). Before starting hormones, a variety of lab tests will be ordered. This blood draw can be done after your first visit and results will be reviewed at your second visit. One of the tests may require that you are fasting before your blood draw. The tests will be explained to you at your visit. Dr. Amoura will review the treatment options available to you and will provide you with a detailed consent form to review if hormone therapy is considered appropriate. Consents will be signed at your second visit, after which time you will receive any indicated prescriptions. For those who will need to receive hormone treatment by injection, they will receive instructions to return to the clinic with their medication and supplies (syringes and needles) for a nurse to provide individual injection teaching. This can usually be scheduled on the same day you receive your medication.

New Patient Form (for all new patients to print and complete prior to first appointment)

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